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JP Langer
Eliza Ballesteros
Sunny Pudert
Valeria Schneider

Eröffnung: 14.11.2019, 19 Uhr
Geöffnet: 15. — 17.11.2019
14 bis 18 Uhr 
und nach Vereinbarung
Fi­nis­sa­ge: 17.11.2019, 14 bis 18 Uhr

You hear the crackle of a 2006 Sony Cybershot and encase it with your several senses, until a blurry face becomes yourself, the little crawler, in a spiderweb of glass
ten flesh-?’s are a semiotic, yet very tangible reminder of primal
estrangement through societal bodyhood, with the mimetic approach to true-you and the embarrassing amp that it goes thru
good thing you can make your body disappear by simply throwing fabric over it! now give me the hand pants (or put me in an on-brand full body bag)
feedback-fearing fingers linger over your lovers image, the image being either just dots or just waves, depending on the shape of your eyes, state of sensation, processor performance
down the O’s that end the pants: a sobbing noise. Hey, everything alright in there- you pick a burdock off the cotton and long inside a leg, when, just before you reach the cries, a shimmering round rolls out:
A puppy-sized rolly-polly, on whose polymer belly
your first own phone is clasped by a million ageless limbs
primeval slime dripping from the tips, you wipe your hands clean and try to enter the PIN. If vermin lasts aeons in EWCM, how could four digits get lost in a pretty head?

Text by Kea Bolenz

Graphic by Insa Deist